Software Downloads

VectorBase source code:

Source code for other tools:

  • Apollo - Codebase for the Apollo collaborative genome annotation editor.
  • BioMart - Download page for BioMart, used for data mining queries.
  • Bio Parser - Parser used by VBPopBio to load ISA-Tab files prior to loading into the database.
  • Expression Map - Web code and maintenance scripts for VectorBase's expression map.
  • Galaxy - Instructions for getting Galaxy, a web-based data-focused biomedical research platform.
  • Genome Browser - Portal to access source code and data for the Ensembl Genome Browser.
  • PopBio - VectorBase's Population Biology resource web code, database model, loading scripts and REST server. Back end services use Perl and lean heavily on Bio::Chado::Schema, DBIx::Class and Dancer.
  • PopBio Map - PopBio map web code.
  • Vocabulary/Ontology - VectorBase's internal controlled vocabulary/ontology.