Anopheline mitochondrial genome sequences

This section provides the user with a compilation of mtDNA sequences for species of the genus Anopheles, as submitted to the NCBI nucleic acid sequence database by different authors. Although the lists are updated regularly, some species may be absent at the time of your search.
You may click on a specific mitochondrial locus or on a species name to access a list of all available sequences.
Last update: August 2014 - 334 species / 14462 GenBank entries
Mitochondrial Genes List »
The clickable figure can also lead you directly to the respective gene (also found in the upper table) or to a list of complete genomes by clicking onto the yellow-black stripped AT-rich area. The map is a composite approximation for all anopheline mtDNAs and each line represents approximately 4000 base pairs. Turquoise: tRNA genes, dark blue: rDNA, red: other genes. The direction of transcription is indicated as from left to right (above the line) or from right to left (below the line).
Anopheles species »
(Anopheles kleini x Anopheles sinensis) x Anopheles kleini(Anopheles sinensis x Anopheles kleini) x Anopheles sinensisAnopheles acanthotorynus
Anopheles aconitusAnopheles aff. takasagoensis KTT-2009Anopheles ainshamsi
Anopheles aitkeniiAnopheles albertoiAnopheles albimanus
Anopheles albitarsisAnopheles albitarsis FAnopheles albitarsis G
Anopheles albitarsis H YML-2012Anopheles albitarsis I YML-2012Anopheles albitarsis s. l. MLQ-2012
Anopheles algeriensisAnopheles amictusAnopheles annularis
Anopheles annulipesAnopheles annulipes AAnopheles annulipes B
Anopheles annulipes CAnopheles annulipes DAnopheles annulipes E
Anopheles annulipes FAnopheles annulipes GAnopheles annulipes H
Anopheles annulipes IAnopheles annulipes JAnopheles annulipes K
Anopheles annulipes LAnopheles annulipes MAnopheles annulipes N
Anopheles annulipes OAnopheles annulipes PAnopheles annulipes Q
Anopheles anthropophagusAnopheles antunesiAnopheles apoci
Anopheles aquasalisAnopheles arabiensisAnopheles argyritarsis
Anopheles argyropusAnopheles artemieviAnopheles arthuri
Anopheles arthuri s. l. A MAS-2013Anopheles arthuri s. l. B MAS-2013Anopheles arthuri s. l. C MAS-2013
Anopheles arthuri s. l. D MAS-2013Anopheles atacamensisAnopheles atropos
Anopheles baileyiAnopheles baimaiiAnopheles balabacensis
Anopheles bancroftiiAnopheles barbirostrisAnopheles barbirostris subgroup clade I
Anopheles barbirostris subgroup clade IIAnopheles barbirostris subgroup clade IIIAnopheles barbirostris subgroup clade IV
Anopheles barbumbrosusAnopheles beklemisheviAnopheles belenrae
Anopheles bellatorAnopheles benarrochiAnopheles benarrochi B
Anopheles bengalensisAnopheles braziliensisAnopheles bwambae
Anopheles calderoniAnopheles campestrisAnopheles carnevalei
Anopheles cf. funestus LN-2012aAnopheles cf. funestus MALAF100Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF103
Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF104Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF105Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF111
Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF112Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF115Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF117
Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF118Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF119Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF120
Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF121Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF122Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF123
Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF124Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF125Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF126
Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF127Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF128Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF129
Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF130Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF131Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF85
Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF91Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF95Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF96
Anopheles cf. funestus MALAF99Anopheles cf. janconnae Gutierrez et al., 2010Anopheles cf. minimus #157
Anopheles cf. rivulorum CG-2004Anopheles cf. rivulorum LN-2012bAnopheles christyi
Anopheles cinctusAnopheles clavigerAnopheles costai
Anopheles coustaniAnopheles cracensAnopheles crawfordi
Anopheles cruziiAnopheles culicifaciesAnopheles culicifacies A
Anopheles culicifacies BAnopheles culicifacies CAnopheles culicifacies D
Anopheles culicifacies EAnopheles culicifacies s.l. NPK-2007Anopheles daciae
Anopheles darlingiAnopheles deaneorumAnopheles demeilloni
Anopheles dirusAnopheles dirus AAnopheles dispar
Anopheles dravidicusAnopheles dunhamiAnopheles earlei
Anopheles eiseniAnopheles elegansAnopheles epiroticus
Anopheles evansaeAnopheles farautiAnopheles farauti 4
Anopheles farauti 5Anopheles farauti 6Anopheles filipinae
Anopheles flavirostrisAnopheles fluviatilisAnopheles fluviatilis S
Anopheles fluviatilis TAnopheles fluviatilis UAnopheles freeborni
Anopheles freyiAnopheles funestusAnopheles gabonensis
Anopheles galvaoiAnopheles gambiaeAnopheles gambiae str. PEST
Anopheles gigasAnopheles goeldiiAnopheles greeni
Anopheles guaraniAnopheles halophylusAnopheles hancocki
Anopheles harrisoniAnopheles hilliAnopheles hinesorum
Anopheles homunculusAnopheles hyrcanusAnopheles hyrcanus group sp. 1 CPE-2010
Anopheles hyrcanus group sp. 2 CPE-2010Anopheles hyrcanus group sp. 3 CPE-2010Anopheles hyrcanus group sp. RZ-2012
Anopheles implexusAnopheles indefinitusAnopheles insulaeflorum
Anopheles intermediusAnopheles interruptusAnopheles irenicus
Anopheles jamesiiAnopheles janconnaeAnopheles jeyporiensis
Anopheles judithaeAnopheles junlianensisAnopheles karwari
Anopheles kleiniAnopheles kleini x Anopheles sinensisAnopheles kochi
Anopheles koliensisAnopheles kompiAnopheles konderi
Anopheles koreicusAnopheles kunmingensisAnopheles kweiyangensis
Anopheles labranchiaeAnopheles laneiAnopheles latens
Anopheles leesoniAnopheles lepidotusAnopheles lesteri
Anopheles leucosphyrusAnopheles liangshanensisAnopheles lindesayi
Anopheles lindesayi japonicusAnopheles litoralisAnopheles longipalpis
Anopheles longirostrisAnopheles longirostris A NWB-2009Anopheles longirostris B NWB-2009
Anopheles longirostris C1 NWB-2009Anopheles longirostris C2 NWB-2009Anopheles longirostris D NWB-2009
Anopheles longirostris E NWB-2009Anopheles longirostris F NWB-2009Anopheles longirostris G NWB-2009
Anopheles longirostris H NWB-2009Anopheles lungaeAnopheles lutzii
Anopheles lutzii s. l. 1 RS16Anopheles lutzii s. l. 2 RS19Anopheles lutzii s. l. 2 RS33
Anopheles macarthuriAnopheles maculatusAnopheles maculipalplis
Anopheles maculipennisAnopheles maculipennis complex sp. GB-2013Anopheles malefactor
Anopheles mangyanusAnopheles marajoaraAnopheles marshallii
Anopheles martiniusAnopheles mattogrossensisAnopheles melanoon
Anopheles melasAnopheles meraukensisAnopheles merus
Anopheles messeaeAnopheles minimusAnopheles minimus A
Anopheles minimus CAnopheles minimus EAnopheles minimus s.l. NPK-2007
Anopheles minorAnopheles miransAnopheles moucheti
Anopheles neivaiAnopheles nemophilousAnopheles neomaculipalpus
Anopheles nigerrimusAnopheles niliAnopheles nimbus
Anopheles nimpeAnopheles nitidusAnopheles nivipes
Anopheles novaguinensisAnopheles nr. antunesi MAMS-2009Anopheles nr. dravidicus YML2012
Anopheles nr. konderi FRL-2013Anopheles nuneztovariAnopheles oryzalimnetes
Anopheles oswaldoiAnopheles oswaldoi A FRL-2013Anopheles oswaldoi B FRL-2013
Anopheles oswaldoi s. l. PA_15Anopheles ovengensisAnopheles pallidus
Anopheles paltrinieriiAnopheles paludisAnopheles pampanai
Anopheles paraliaeAnopheles parensisAnopheles parvus
Anopheles pattoniAnopheles peditaeniatusAnopheles peryassui
Anopheles pharoensisAnopheles philippinensisAnopheles pholidotus
Anopheles plumbeusAnopheles pretoriensisAnopheles pristinus
Anopheles pseudojamesiAnopheles pseudopictusAnopheles pseudopunctipennis
Anopheles pseudowillmoriAnopheles pulcherrimusAnopheles pullus
Anopheles punctimaculaAnopheles punctipennisAnopheles punctulatus
Anopheles pursatiAnopheles quadriannulatusAnopheles quadrimaculatus
Anopheles quadrimaculatus AAnopheles rampaeAnopheles rangeli
Anopheles rivulorumAnopheles rondoniAnopheles rufipes
Anopheles sacharoviAnopheles saperoiAnopheles sawadwongporni
Anopheles scanloniAnopheles sinensisAnopheles sinensis x Anopheles kleini
Anopheles solomonisAnopheles somalicusAnopheles sp. clade C JRL-2012
Anopheles sp. clade D JRL-2012Anopheles sp. clade E JRL-2012Anopheles sp. JN03-1
Anopheles sp. near punctulatusAnopheles sp. SMMU-flp1Anopheles splendidus
Anopheles squamifemurAnopheles squamosusAnopheles stephensi
Anopheles strodeiAnopheles strodei s. l. CP formAnopheles subpictus
Anopheles subpictus A MZ-2011Anopheles subpictus s.l. NPK-2007Anopheles sulawesi
Anopheles sundaicusAnopheles superpictusAnopheles takasagoensis
Anopheles tenebrosusAnopheles tessellatusAnopheles theileri
Anopheles torresiensisAnopheles triannulatusAnopheles triannulatus 'C' TFSN-2007
Anopheles trinkaeAnopheles vagusAnopheles vanderwulpi
Anopheles vaneedeniAnopheles varunaAnopheles walkeri
Anopheles willmoriAnopheles xuiAnopheles yaeyamaensis
Anopheles yatsushiroensis