Culicine mitochondrial genome sequences

This section provides the user with a compilation of mtDNA sequences for some species of the Culex genus, as submitted to the NCBI nucleic acid sequence database by different authors. Although the lists are updated regularly, some species may be absent at the time of your search.
You may click on a specific mitochondrial locus or on a species name to access a list of all available sequences.
Last update: August 2014 - 200 species / 4736 GenBank entries
Mitochondrial Genes List »
The clickable figure can also lead you directly to the respective gene (also found in the upper table). The map is a composite approximation for all culicine mtDNAs and each line represents approximately 4000 base pairs. Turquoise: tRNA genes, dark blue: rDNA, red: other genes. The direction of transcription is indicated as from left to right (above the line) or from right to left (below the line).
Culicine species »
Amblyomma aureolatumAmblyomma auriculariumAmblyomma cajennense
Amblyomma calcaratumAmblyomma dissimileAmblyomma geayi
Amblyomma geoemydaeAmblyomma hadaniiAmblyomma longirostre
Amblyomma multipunctumAmblyomma naponenseAmblyomma nodosum
Amblyomma oblongoguttatumAmblyomma ovaleAmblyomma parvum
Amblyomma pecariumAmblyomma rotundatumAmblyomma sabanerae
Amblyomma sp. 598Amblyomma sp. A MDL-2014Amblyomma sp. B MDL-2014
Amblyomma sp. BOLD:AAH6683Amblyomma sp. MJM-2013Amblyomma sylvaticum
Amblyomma tapirellumAmblyomma tigrinumAmblyomma varium
Culex acharistusCulex aliciaeCulex annulioris
Culex annulirostrisCulex annulusCulex apicalis
Culex apicinusCulex arizonensisCulex bahamensis
Culex bicornutusCulex bidensCulex bitaeniorhynchus
Culex bonneiCulex brethesiCulex brevipalpis
Culex camposiCulex caudelliCulex chidesteri
Culex cinctellusCulex cinereusCulex corniger
Culex cornutusCulex coronatorCulex decens
Culex declaratorCulex dolosusCulex dyius
Culex eduardoiCulex elevatorCulex erraticus
Culex erythrothoraxCulex flavicornisCulex foliatus
Culex fuscocephalaCulex gaufiniCulex gelidus
Culex habilitatorCulex hayashii ryukyuanusCulex hutchinsoni
Culex imitatorCulex inatomiiCulex infantulus
Culex infulaCulex inhibitatorCulex interfor
Culex interrogatorCulex janitorCulex lygrus
Culex lygrus s. l. SP56_25Culex lygrus s. l. SP56_26Culex malayi
Culex maxiCulex mimeticusCulex mimuloides
Culex mimulusCulex minorCulex minutissimus
Culex modestusCulex mollisCulex murrelli
Culex nigripalpusCulex nigropunctatusCulex okinawae
Culex orientalisCulex pallidothoraxCulex palpalis
Culex perexiguusCulex peytoniCulex pilosus
Culex pipiensCulex pipiens molestusCulex pipiens pallens
Culex pipiens pipiensCulex pipiens x Culex quinquefasciatusCulex pluvialis
Culex pseudovishnuiCulex quinquefasciatusCulex renatoi
Culex restuansCulex richeiCulex rubithoracis
Culex ryukyensisCulex salinariusCulex saltanensis
Culex sasaiCulex secutorCulex sitiens
Culex sp. A CMJ-2012Culex sp. B CMJ-2012Culex sp. C CMJ-2012
Culex sp. D CMJ-2012Culex sp. EP-2012aCulex sp. EP-2012b
Culex sp. M42Culex sp. M43Culex sp. M44
Culex sp. M45Culex sp. M46Culex sp. M47
Culex sp. M54Culex sp. M58Culex sp. M67
Culex sp. M68Culex sp. M69Culex sp. M71
Culex spiculosusCulex spinosusCulex surinamensis
Culex taeniopusCulex tarsalisCulex tatoi
Culex territansCulex theileriCulex torrentium
Culex tritaeniorhynchusCulex tuberisCulex uniformis
Culex univittatusCulex usquatusCulex vagans
Culex vishnuiCulex whitmoreiCulex ybarmis
Culex zetekiDermacentor andersoniDermacentor everestianus
Dermacentor marginatusDermacentor nitensDermacentor nuttalli
Haemaphysalis doenitziHaemaphysalis flavaHaemaphysalis juxtakochi
Haemaphysalis longicornisHaemaphysalis qinghaiensisHaemaphysalis spinulosa
Hyalomma anatolicumHyalomma asiaticumHyalomma asiaticum asiaticum
Hyalomma detritumHyalomma dromedariiHyalomma marginatum
Hyalomma marginatum marginatumHyalomma marginatum rufipesIxodes affinis
Ixodes arboricolaIxodes ariadnaeIxodes brunneus
Ixodes frontalisIxodes kingiIxodes lividus
Ixodes pavlovskyiIxodes ricinusIxodes scapularis
Ixodes sculptusIxodes simplexIxodes sp. A MDL-2014
Ixodes sp. B MDL-2014Ixodes sp. C MDL-2014Ixodes trianguliceps
Ixodes uriaeIxodes vespertilionisRhipicephalus aff. decoloratus 68SA
Rhipicephalus annulatusRhipicephalus appendiculatusRhipicephalus australis
Rhipicephalus decoloratusRhipicephalus evertsi evertsiRhipicephalus geigyi
Rhipicephalus kohlsiRhipicephalus microplusRhipicephalus rossicus
Rhipicephalus sanguineusRhipicephalus simus