Newsletter 5 (Nov 2008)

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November, 2008
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  • VectorBase Forum
    Following several user requests we have set up a forum for the community to post conference announcements, job offers, ask questions or just discuss vectors and their genomes. The forum is open to anyone but posting message requires registration.
    • Insecticide Resistance
      The insecticide resistance data section of VectorBase has been completely revamped! All the data are now annotated, stored, and searched using relevant ontologies (MIRO, GAZ). A new user interface based on AJAX is now availablei. Multiple criteria can be used to search the database and there is the option of exporting the results to a spreadsheet file. Mosquito collection sites with known coordinates have been also plotted on a map and the user can retrieve the corresponding assay data just by clicking on the collection site. Data submission can be done using either the online web interface or via a spreadsheet. Currently the database holds data for more than 1100 insecticide resistance assays from Africa and Asia. The WHO ANVR group will by using VectorBase as its repository for insecticide resistance data and a workshop took place in Senegal this month to train curators from 12 African countries.
    • Traces for blasting
      For organisms without any genome available, such as the tsetse fly Glossina morsitans morsitans and the kissing bug Rhodnius prolixus, we are now offering the possibility to search against the traces (unassembled sequencing reads). So you can now do a Blast search against all the genomic data available for these vectors.
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