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Newsletter 10 (Oct 2010)

  • Driving Biological Projects
    A few months ago, VectorBase invited proposals for Driving Biological Projects (DBPs), funded by NIH/NIAID, these projects should use high-throughput experimental technologies to functionally characterize the genome, proteome or metabolome of vector species.
    Two projects were selected:
    • Comparative neurotranscriptome of Aedes aegypti PDF
    • Physical reference maps for vector genome assembly PDF

    The data generated will be made available through VectorBase. The next call should be announced in about 14 months (Jan.2012).

  • Culex quinquefasciatus genome paper
    The paper relating the sequencing, annotation and analysis of the Culex quinquefasciatus genome has been published this month in Science (Arensburger et al., 2010). As well as giving an overview of the genome structure and of the gene content, it presents a comparison of the three mosquito genomes and shows that increase in Culex gene number is partially due to a gene family expansion. A companion paper (Bartholomay et al., 2010) describes Culex responses to infection by diverse pathogens, and compares these responses in the three mosquitoes.

    Newsletter 9 (Jul 2010)

    • Release cycle
      Until recently, new data were added to VectorBase on an ad-hoc basis. We decided to have a regular bi-monthly release cycle, and the first release was in April this year. This release was a test, invisible to most users, and no data were changed. However, our second release has brought a big change: a new style genome browser.
      Releases are named by the year and month of their release date, e.g. VB-2010-06. An e-mail will be sent to our mailing list with release notes describing what’s new. Unfortunately we will be unable to keep an archive site of previous releases, but you will still be able to access the data as flat files.
    • AnoEST retirement/
      Due to the rapid influx of new data, VectorBase is no longer able to maintain the legacy AnoEST resource. It will remain available, but unsupported, for the foreseeable future. Similar functionality is available within the VectorBase genome browser.

      Newsletter 8 (Feb 2010)

      • Driving Biological Projects solicitation
        VectorBase invites proposals for Driving Biological Projects (DBPs) that use high-throughput experimental technologies to functionally characterize the genome, proteome or metabolome of vector species. We invite letters of intent (submission deadline 28th February 2010) with selected full proposals by 31st March. Full details are available in PDF format from the VectorBase website PDF and queries and proposals should be emailed to
      • Call for white papers
        The Arthropod Genomics Consortium has launched a website to aid coordination between researchers with a view of writing white papers and fostering future collaborations. One recent development is the BGI proposal to sequence 1000 plant and animal genomes and they are inviting white paper submission for genomes of interest. More details are available on the arthropod genomes site or from the BGI.

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